The Tapestry of Adoption

A Message from LeAnne to You

If you are here, I am believing that your heart has been touched and impacted by adoption in some way. I welcome you. We are kin.  Perhaps you have lost a child, maybe you are an adoptee, birth mom/dad, or an adoptive parent. The ripple affect travels to the farthest seashore. Perhaps you are looking for help, hope, or healing or just to be heard. Your unique thread in the Tapestry of Adoption is respected here and I am honored that you have chosen to connect in this sacred space.

There is no simple answer in adoption. Adoption is made of millions of individual experiences. We all have a thread in the fabric. We all weave it together.

There is no simple answer in adoption. Adoption is made of millions of individual experiences. We all have a thread in the fabric. We all weave it together.

One in Four People are Touched by Adoption

There are between 6 and 7 million adult adoptees in America. That equates to 12-14 million adoptive and birth parents!  Not to exclude the 24-28 million grandparents and countless siblings!  Staggering statistics!

Many in the triad are hurting due to post-adoption issues. The secrets, silence, and separation that countless adoptees have experienced due to a lack of understanding and disconnection with those that love them the most, have taken their voice away. As The Walk Your Talk Coach,  I strive to provide a place of hope and healing for adoptees and their families! We educate, empower, and equip you to fully embrace the Coaching processes and realize the family life and legacy building you have dreamed about!

The Life Coaching Model for Adoption Healing

For many, within the complex Tapestry of Adoption, there has been a forgotten or lost thread.  A disconnect, a strong awareness that something has been missing. That missing thread can cause holes, unraveling, and often times confusion within the heart and mind of those touched by Adoption.  We believe that lost or forgotten thread is the missing piece that when uncovered, will impact your life, your relationships and your Legacy for generations to come.

The Coaching model is an effective, and creative way to identify, and find the lost pieces of the story. Working with me a Professional Certified Coach has the potential to uncover, and often times see for the very first time a beautiful Tapestry , woven into a Legacy of Love for generations to come!

Is it time for you to learn how to walk through the adoption journey with confidence and wholeness?

Are you sick of bumping up against unanswerable questions?

Are you ready to come out of the Adoption Closet?

While there is not a magic pill or secret button to this process. I have created a successful Coaching program that is proven to find the missing threads in the Tapestry of your adoption story! It is a team effort.  If you are ready and willing to do what it takes to create a Legacy of Love in your family, I commit to stand shoulder to shoulder with you until your tapestry is complete! This journey is complex, yet powerful. Get ready to walk into freedom, confidence, security and joy.

Your threads matter, and are a the foundation of my unique Heirloom Coaching Process, The Tapestry of Adoption is one of beauty and mystery.  
Have you been listening? Hear the Voice of the Adoptee.
If you would like to share your tapestry here on my page, please contact me for more information
I am committed to serving the Tapestry of Adoption… The Adoption Community with encouragement, inspiration, connection, and education. I do not only coach those who are navigating the complexities of adoption, but it is my specialty! 
Wellbeing is a way of being… Is it time for you to BE MORE?  Let’s talk about it!

 Adoption and Wellbeing? What? How are these complexities woven together?

COR.E WellBeing Program Overview:

COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics is a highly comprehensive process for creating wellbeing and sustainable behavior change. This program includes concepts, exercises, and experiences to help reduce stress, increase energy, and improve overall wellbeing.  It is a foundational system for living. COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics provides a roadmap to mastering your energy and your life; with that roadmap, you can create wellbeing through the choices you make from moment to moment.  COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Program has its roots in Bruce D Schneider’s best-selling book, Energy Leadership. The book introduces the concept of the 7 levels of energy, each one exponentially higher and more powerful than the one before it. Many times, those who experience a life of wellbeing seem to have uncovered some secret elixir. Energy is the differentiator. It is the backdrop of the mindset. As you will learn working through this program, energy has everything to do with how you show up in your life and understanding it will help you take your life to the most powerful 7th Level! This program is uniquely designed to help you create YOUR personal formula for wellbeing in all areas of life.  Including your adoption journey! No two clients seeking wellbeing are the same. Not everyone shares the same wellbeing goals, yet everyone has the ability to practice the COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics process in order to actualize their unique goals at their highest potential and truly understand how to be their best on every level. What You Can Expect From This Program You’ll develop a life philosophy and “way of being,” based on 10 disciplines, that lead to high energy, potential, and wellbeing. Be it in physical wellness, relationships, career, emotional, wellbeing, while living with a chronic illness or health challenge, adoption journey or in life in general, the disciplines are a foundation for living that create a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude. This keeps you engaged in what you are doing, and brings you a continual level of enjoyment and satisfaction, along with the key ingredients for living your best life possible.  During this program, you will learn to …

  • Understand the COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics process and how to implement it from a wellbeing perspective and in life.
  • Develop confidence so you feel it during wellbeing challenges, and keep it in the aftermath of adversity.
  • Create long-term, powerful goals, and short-term strategies that work toward the future AND have an immediate effect on wellbeing.
  • Develop the understanding of energy and the ability to shift it in the moment.
  • Create an anabolic “tribe” as part of your formula for success.
  • Develop a plan for successful wellbeing; implement that plan, be accountable to it, and overcome anything that gets in the way of it.
  • Remove distractions and transform stress in order to develop concentration, focus, alertness, decision-making abilities, and other attributes of those who experience greater wellbeing in life.
  • Create a philosophy/life perspective that resonates with high energy in order to create an overall feeling of wellbeing.
  • Increase your energy, both in the moment, and overall.
  • Shoot me an email to find out more about the steps to create your wellbeing success formula (your personalized, unique way of maximizing your energy and engagement in life).

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