The Voices of Adoption

LeAnne Parsons is here to be of service to you!

If you are here, I am believing that your heart has been touched by adoption in some way.

There are between 6 and 7 million adult adoptees in America. That equates to 12-14 million adoptive and birth parents! Not to exclude the 24-28 million grandparents and countless siblings! Staggering statistics!

Many in the triad are hurting due to post-adoption issues. The secrets, silence, and separation that countless adoptees have experienced due to a lack of understanding and disconnection with those that love them the most, have taken their voice away.

Hope and Healing for the Tapestry

We at Legacy Now Live strive to provide a place of hope and healing for adoptees and their families! We educate, empower, and equip you to fully embrace the journey.  The Core Energy™ Coaching process and realize the family connection, healing and relationships you have dreamed about!

The Coaching model is an effective, and creative way to identify, and find the lost pieces of the story. Working with me a Professional Certified Coach has the potential to bring and see to completion a beautiful Tapestry , and a Legacy of Love for future generations!

Adoptee Wellness Coaching

Is it time for you to learn how to walk through the adoption journey with confidence and wholeness? Are you sick of bumping up against unanswerable questions? While there is not a magic pill or secret button to this process. I have created a successful Adoption Wellness Coaching program that is proven to find the missing threads in the Tapestry of your adoption story! It is a team effort. My commitment to you that if you are willing to do what it takes to create a Legacy of Love in your family I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you until your tapestry is complete!

For many, within the beautiful Tapestry of Adoption, there has been a forgotten or lost thread. A disconnect, a strong awareness that something has been missing. That missing thread can cause holes, unraveling, and often times confusion within the heart and mind of those touched by Adoption.

We believe that lost or forgotten thread is the “Adoptees Voice”, The Adoptees Voice is one of beauty and mystery. Have you been listening?

Hear the The Adoptees Voice Lean in & Listen, Really Listen…

The Adoptees Voice perhaps has been silenced throughout the years because of pride, bitterness, shame, fear, unanswered questions, and insecurities. Are you ready to lean in and listen, really listen?

We at Legacy Now Lived, honor and support “The Adoptees Voice”,  and are here for you! We know how valuable it is to speak and to listen. You are highly valued!

Please consider sharing your story! Using your voice!

One in Eight Couples Are Being Challenged By Infertility Issues!



This is a 10-day Virtual Video summit, beginning February 2, 2016.

Reboot your Fertilicious Mindset Virtual Summit: Ease your mind for Conception. 

Now that the New Year has started, I want to speak from my heart and get real with you.  Part of that is by telling you how I’m so excited to extend a FREE invitation to you for the

Reboot your Fertilicious Mindset Virtual Summit.

Are you frustrated with the New Year starting and your family is still in the holding pattern?  Are you still in recovery from all your relatives asking you all kinds of “When are you having a Baby” questions? Do you feel like your worst fears are coming true that Maybe… it won’t happen? Are the voices in your head speaking fear, doubt and frustration and you’re exhausted from trying to ignore those thoughts?

What if you could hear from some of the world’s … Continue reading

Letting Go Of The Rope

We found our hearts upon a mountain we did not know to climb. Now we wonder how many other pieces of ourselves are hidden away in the places we often judge and cannot go. We are better together.

I always knew that I was an adopted person. Yet silent insecurities and fears held me back from living the life I was created to live.

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LeAnne and Rebecca Share On The Radio! Interview Adoption Perspectives!

The Adoption Summit Experience is quickly approaching! Hear a preview of this upcoming summit from LeAnne Parsons on this archived Adoption Perspectives Radio Show! Who can you expect to hear from during this FREE, online educational summit? Why did LeAnne spearhead this event? Why this? Why now? Get all the details here and sign up to attend today at!…/10-24-15-the-upcomi…/

10 24 15 The Upcoming Adoption Experience Summit November 10,11,12, 17 with LeAnne Parsons Just weeks away and with archives available all of November, you won’t want to miss the Adoption… FAMILYTOFAMILYSUPPORT.ORG

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Adoption Summit Experience 2015! Come Climb With Us!


Adoption Summit Expereince Logo

November 10, 11, 12th, and 17th, 2015


Tuesday October 20, 2015 (Los Alamos, NM) Question: What do you get when you bring together adult adoptees with parents by birth and adoption to talk about their relinquishment and adoption experiences, family building practices and views on needed legislative reform? Answer: Usually an assortment of passionate opinions, raw emotions, misunderstandings and “unfriending” on Facebook.

But something different is coming during November, National Adoption Month, this year. Adoptee and former foster parent LeAnne Parsons has teamed up with birth/first mother Ashley Mitchell to
assemble an impressive collaboration of speakers for a free online seminar called “Come Climb With Us: the 2015 Adoption Summit Experience.”

“Our goal is to create an opportunity for anyone, anywhere who is interested in adoption to lean in and listen to conversations from different perspectives,” says Parsons, creator of the event. “Every presenter volunteers their time and energy to make adoption better in some way. These are people who … Continue reading

Walk Your Talk With LeAnne and Zara Philips! Adoption and The Arts

Zara headshot

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LeAnne welcomes Zara Phillips this week!

Author, Singer Songwriter, Writer and Performer Zara Phillips joins LeAnne this week! We will chat about life, being adopted, the Arts, Run DMC, Roots Unknown, and Beneath My fathers Sky! What have you always wanted to ask adoptees? What drives us? Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter anyway!

Walk Your Talk With LeAnne! Think Outside The Box!

adoptee survival guide coverThe Adoptee Survival Guide

LeAnne Parsons The Walk Your Talk Coach at Legacy Now Lived will be joined this week by a few authors of the fabulous anthology released this year titled: The Adoptee Survival Guide!

Please join LeAnne, Lisa FloydPaige L. Adams StricklandBecky Conrad Drinnen as we chat about our lives as adoptees, what we have learned and what drives us to use our voices to educate, advocate, and legislate and collaborate!

Walk Your Talk With LeAnne & Betsie Norris! Open Records in Ohio!


LeAnne Is So Excited To Welcome Betsie Norris on

May 21, 2015! Join us at 1pm MST!
edited photo with betsieBetsie Norris is the founder and executive director of Adoption Network Cleveland, a nonprofit organization meeting the needs of the adoption and foster care community in Ohio. A reunited adoptee, Betsie worked tirelessly on creating access to records for Ohio adoptees for 25 years culminating in the passage of SB 23 in 2013 opening 400,000 adult adoptee records from Ohio’s previously closed period of 1964-1996 on March 20, 2015. Betsie has also been active in many other legislative initiatives regarding adoption and child welfare. Betsie is the recipient of many awards for her work and Adoption Network Cleveland serves as a national model.

Tapestry of Adoption Film Project Update!

Adoption-Journey-WordsHello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that due to the great funding my adoption film project received, I am now in the process of gathering cardboard testimonies and stories about individual adoption journeys. If your life has been touched by adoption in ANY way- Are you a natural parent, adoptive parent, adoptive/natural grandparent, sibling via adoption, a step parent, or an adoptee like me? Please write out your answer to this question on a piece of cardboard, choose a fabric that represents your message, snap a photo and send it to LeAnne at
The big question:
If you could share one thought with the world about the truths or myths in the adoption journey, what would that be?
Every voice is needed and valued for this project! Please join in to share truth with our culture! We so desperately need to hear from each of you!
Perhaps it is a Myth or a Truth
Perhaps it is a personal message, or a public service announcement!
If you do not … Continue reading

Seek First To Understand

Then Seek To Be Understood – Stephen Covey

Adoption Search, Adoption Reunion, New Relationships, Building, Discovery and Navigation!

No one should ever have to walk this journey alone! I am here as your coach to help you navigate the complexities of your adoption journey. No story is the same, and every voice is so incredibly important. Bring your healthiest self to every relationship you have! How do you do that? Call LeAnne today to schedule a strategy session!

seek firstToo Many Directions, Too Many Decisions, Too Little Time… Life these days seems more chaotic than ever! We are overloaded with information, and just when we get used to something – it changes. We’re distracted and pulled in too many directions. We have to think quickly and make fast decisions. We have difficulty balancing work, life, family, friends, and personal enjoyment. We are constantly on the run, feeling pressure from every angle. Put all of those factors together, and it’s only a matter of time before we let opportunities pass us by, believe we’re not living up to our fullest potential or, worse, feel trapped by circumstances. No … Continue reading

Adoption: No Secrets, No Fear!


The American Adoption Congress (AAC) is an International organization devovted to family connections by providing the needed education for all members of the adoption constellation as well as those professionals within:

  • adoption
  • foster care
  • assisted reproduction

By increasing public awarness surrounding adoptive and birth families, and by promoting an
Adoption: No Secrets No Fears campaign, normalizing the reunion and reconnection process for all members of the adoption constellation.

The AAC also is an advocate for legislation on State and Federal levels which will grant all individuals the access to informaiton his or her family or heritage.  Providing statements on:

  • Abandonded Baby Legislation
  • Assisted Reproduction Rights
  • Search Policy’s
  • Access to Records

The AAC has a long history, starting with Penny Callan Partridge the AAC’s first President, all the way up through our annual AAC International Conference, and the many awards such as the Emma Mae Vilardi Humanitarian Award given each year at our conference to just one person.

One AAC … Continue reading