Testimonials, Blushes, and Notes Of Gratitude

What a treasure and an inspiration LeAnne Parsons is for this community and for our organization!

What a treasure and an inspiration LeAnne Parsons is for this community and for our organization! She kicked off a two-month-long series of trainings for volunteers and staff at the Los Alamos History Museum, and hit all the right notes for getting us started as we looked toward our grand re-opening. She helped us envision a great visitor experience and figure out ways to make that vision a reality. Her encouraging words, active presentation, and thoughtful interactions have remained with us now that we are open again.   Thank you, LeAnne!

~ Heather McClenahan


An Honest, Perceptive, & Connected Spirit!


“LeAnne Parsons is an exceptional speaker. LeAnne’s talks take you on a step by step journey through challenging issues and her positive energy easily draws you into the topic at hand.

LeAnne shares with an honest perceptive spirit, allowing her audience to connect to her humanity. LeAnne’s talent in clarity naturally adds fuel to the intrinsic motivation to do more, be more, and know more.

I found LeAnne professional, intelligent, organized, creative, with exceptional communication skills and I found It humanly impossible not to respect and admire her as a person.”

Ann M. Clegg

Founder and in Leadership with Squadron of Sisters Ministry, Los Alamos, NM

“However in my estimation, there’s one coach that stands out amongst them all”

babyfeetSE“Today, many call themselves coaches. However, in my estimation, there’s one coach that stands out amongst them all.  LeAnne Parsons gives a rare gift to anyone privileged to be in her presence—the gift of listening.  This gift edifies, encourages, and empowers.

You can’t listen well until you ‘ve been heard. It’s obvious that LeAnne has been heard by the God she loves and serves. I am thankful she is willing to pass this gift on to others, including me”.

Sherrie Eldridge, Author

“I was guided to the right coach at the right time” “I don’t trust easily”…

kofi shoeI was guided to the right coach at the right time – LeAnne! I don’t trust easily, but I felt an immediate connection that allowed me to open myself to her. She created a safe space for me to discover my honest truth. Our powerful conversations allowed me to see me from a totally new perspective. LeAnne helped me breakthrough a huge personal block and in doing so I found release and relief so that my life could move forward in a direction that is in alignment with my soul and purpose.

–Kofi, Oklahoma City

My shoe representation: Sturdy, yet sexy and practical, can be dressed up or down, but still look good! 🙂

“Keep up the GOD work, LeAnne!”

shannon shoes“I’m so grateful for women like LeAnne Parsons who are ‘walking their walk’ in such a way as to inspire others to become their BEST selves and servants through the power of Christ living in them!  Keep up the GOD work, LeAnne!”

– Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Life/Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author of 22 books including the best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series

I Knew I Couldn’t Answer All Of These Questions On My Own!

trish shoesHaving just made some major shifts in my life I knew I needed to get clear on what my new direction would look like, who would be part of the journey with me, and what I wanted for myself and the people in my life as a result. I knew I couldn’t answer all of these questions on my own, so I turned to my good friend and coach LeAnne Parsons to help. LeAnne’s ability to ask powerful and insightful questions in a thought provoking and nonjudgmental way challenged me to get honest with myself about why I am on this path, and what fears I had been holding on to that were causing the conflict and uncertainty.  Through the three months I worked with LeAnne I discovered many strengths I didn’t realize I had, and developed a trust in myself to utilize them.

Thanks to LeAnne, I am walking into my next chapter confidently, boldly and with curiosity!

LeAnne Has Helped Me Self-Realize My Story !


LeAnne’s insight in regards to the impact of adoption is priceless in the coaching arena.  As an adoptive mom, she has helped me self-realize my story and what I am bringing to my children on an everyday basis.  Working with her has empower me to define my truth and better embrace this journey!   She has done all of this with grace, understanding and compassion —and a whole lot of humor!  Thanks, LeAnne!  So blessed to have worked with you! 

I Have the Ability To Do SOMETHING About Any Situation I Will Ever Encounter!

rainbow shoesWhat do you see as the major insights or breakthroughs you made through coaching with LeAnne?

The biggest insight was realizing that My reactions might be helpful or they may be harmful, but I’m not simply at the mercy of the world around me unless I’m choosing to be.

LeAnne challenged me to try showing up to a few challenging situations in a more prepared way.She encouraged me to simply display what I felt inside without assuming that others wanted me to go away. It is a simple shift, but the different reaction from people around me to that minor change is the one thing that surprised me the most.