Coming Out of the Adoption Closet

LeAnne is the best coach to help you discover whats been hiding in here!

LeAnne is the best coach to help you discover whats been hiding in here!

What is in your Adoption Closet?

Is your closet a secret of do others know about it?  Does it contain mysteries or gifts?  Who built the closet? What are the walls made of, what is the foundation on? What was is the door made of and who decided to shut it? Is it locked? Who has the key? Does it have to be broken down to let in light?
What’s in it? Dirty clothes, clean clothes.  New shoes, hand me downs?  Homemade items or designer handbags.  Have you hidden left overs that you snuck from the cupboard?  There are not enough deodorizers in the grocery store to hide the stench.  Th odor can penetrate the walls and cause the whole house to stink! Everything gets affected.  Do we just get use to that smell and think it is normal?
Is your closet cluttered with things you never use anymore, or have no further need to hold on to? Or perhaps your stuff has been neatly boxed up and tied with a bow, ready to gift to someone in need.  Or maybe, just maybe your junk has been fearfully tossed in and is now buried way deep and you have chosen to forget about the junk.   What’s hidden in the dark corners, purposfully shoved way to the back, or carefully placed on the very top shelf?
Do you NEED what you are saving?  If it is important then WHY is is stuffed in a closet?  Is it time to clean it out? Is it time to give back what rightly belongs to someone else? Is it time to start honoring an item that we thought was no longer valuable? Can someone else benefit from what you are holding on to? It’s time to  know what you have. It’s time to take inventory of the hidden spaces and dark places.  Tremendous power and freedom comes when you are aware of the contents of your closet. Coaching will help you discover what is preventing you from making use out of every patterned dress, baggy shirt, tattered pair of jeans, high heeled shoes, pleated slacks, under shirts and outer jackets.  Perhaps you are unable to get to your favorite pair of running shoes, because a big box of crap is in your way!
The Closest can keep stuff out or keep you in? Does it feel like a prison? A Trap. A very small space where you can only turn around and around bumping into the same four walls and never getting anywhere, tripping over the junk.   Is is so full of clutter that the space is too confined to allow another person in?  Are you ashamed or embarrassed  to show another human your closet? If any of these thoughts resonate with you, you are not alone.

Listen in with a quick click on the link below as Claudia and LeAnne chat a bit about this powerful topic!


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