LeAnne’s Voice

I am LeAnne,
I am Catherine…

I am an Adoptee and this is my Story… Written  version coming soon! Until then please listen in to my interview with Rebecca Vahle on Adoption Perspectives Radio!

Talk it out Tuesday…
I have had the opportunity to share bits of my story with folks though out the years… here is a link to an interview I did this year on Adoption Perspectives…So grateful. If you have questions about whats going in on the heart and mind of an adoptee, tune in at your leisure and listen in…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoaK94Ncn7c

The Voice of the Vulnerable, is of tremendous Value…

I am an Ordinary Gal, with an Extraordinary Story!

I am LeAnne, I am Catherine, I am a Devoted, Warrior Wife, a Mom of two amazing children and a blessed Mother-in-Love(Law), a soon to be grandma, and a former Homeschool mom, Foster Mom, and as you can probably imagine, a passionate mom…This just about rounds out my mom hood experience! I am also a “New-Nester”, an” adopted daughter”, a “re-united birth- daughter”, a Grand-Daughter, a Daughter-in-love(law), a Foster Daughter. I have been adopted by four unique people and I am honored to be called a daughter of the one true King!

As “The Walk Your Talk Coach” at Legacy Now Lived! I coach individuals who are ready to let go of the junk that has been holding them back from doing what they say they are going to do! We workout, throw out, and talk out the blocks, hangups and hurts that hold us back. We do it together. As a Life, Leadership and Restoration Coach I am all about holding your agenda and giving you the tools to walk into your very best life.

As a Coach, Radio Host, Speaker and Advocate for Conscious Adoption, LeAnne uses her gifts to encourage individuality, integrity, confidence, and the desire to live a life of freedom and impact. Her passion and her experiences are changing lives one conversation at a time! LeAnne lives in New Mexico with her husband of 29 years- Duane and their two dogs Max and Sadie.
My approach includes the words…La Dolce Vita! … That is a significant piece of my methodology and my process.
The Sweet Life is Not a TOXIC Life… The sweet life is indeed a legacy worth leaving!

A word from LeAnne:

“I am humbled by all of life that I have been able to live and experience.

I have enjoyed many victories, and experienced tremendous losses, hurts and pain. I struggled for years to let go of toxic thinking, realize my true identity, and let go of the fear and insecurities that held me back from truly living out my life as the woman God created me to be. I had lost my voice, I had given it away, I believed my words were not important. Somebody once told me that I asked too many questions, and that I was too persistent. That one comment forever impacted the way I lived my life.

My heart is for you. My heart is for those whose lives have been touched by the heart of Adoption. My heart is for those who desire “prime rib relationships in a ground beef world”.  My journey through life has not been easy, nor has it been too much to embrace. It has been full of possibilities to grow, change and become who I was designed to be. My road, my discoveries, my path to truly heal, and to arrive at a place of complete Wholeness, has lead me into Coaching. Through working with a coach myself, I have experienced personaI growth, freedom, purpose, confidence, authenticity, a new awareness of vulnerability and unspeakable joy. I am here, here to serve you, to encourage you, to challenge you, to champion you to become more than you could ever have imagined you could be! ”

As I strive to Walk my Talk and be TRUE, and I invite you to embrace your story! As we stand shoulder to shoulder on this journey called life, I will consider it one of this worlds greatest privileges to walk along side you into a Legacy Now Lived™.

My story unfolds more everyday, Come Walk With Me!

This is LeAnne, No apologies, No compromise, Just me! Walking my Talk along with you each and every day!

When you partner with LeAnne Parsons The Walk Your Talk Coach, you will work with a certified professional coach who has been trained in the Core Energy Coaching Process. LeAnne has also received Certification as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-P), and has created the powerful and effective “Heirloom Coaching Process”. She is an expert in her field and desires to see families discover the missing threads in the tapestries of their lives and weave them into a tapestry of love, life, and legacy. “Heirloom Coaching”  could be the missing thread in the tapestry of your life.

LeAnne, is a legacy expert, and offers up a transparent and authentic voice- The Voice of the Adoptee. She offers struggling families assistance without judgment, empathy with hope and a voice that says, “Healthy connections are possible.” She is the host of her Radio program Walk Your Talk with LeAnne on Life Coach Radio Network, that provides insight and encouragement to the world, challenging others to walk into their stories with confidence and hope instead of running from them in despair and distrust. She also provides individual and group coaching, workshops, seminars and mini retreats!

The Heirloom Coaching Process will help to identify your family’s strengths and understand its struggles. We will together as a team explore with the current realities, explore values, listen to one another and build bridges instead of walls with in your family. We will then create strategies for all family members to gain the wisdom, confidence and knowledge to grow in connection, understanding and honor areas ripe for improvement. Together we design a plan tailored for your family.

LeAnne focuses on “Legacy”, Leaving a legacy of love for generations to come- building healthy, whole families, and connecting through communication that is woven together with dignity and honor. Together we will explore what is working well, and how can we all grow in our relationships. . What strategies will work for your family, how can the relationships be improved? Which resources are we currently tapping into? Which are still desired? How can they be acquired? What’s the next best step? What do we really want our family to look like and why don’t we have it? How do each of us want to be remembered in our family? We use a process of consistent re-evaluation, re-discovery, and restoration! We never assign blame, shame or point fingers. We learn together to own our stories, our reactions and responses. Coaching illuminates opportunities, and possibilities, focuses on action and fosters growth. These proven techniques can assist you as you walk into your best life! It is time to create your Legacy!

Discover more about the unique Heirloom Coaching Process by calling LeAnne today!

Call LeAnne Parsons “The Walk Your Talk Coach” at 505-412-1817 or email her at legacynowlived@gmail.com for more information.

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